Inter-est video 2006

MIR festival, Athens, Greece (directed/ curated by 

Christiana Galanopoulou) 

Juried fine art exhibition 

Hun Gallery International. New York, U.S.A. (president: J.I. Hun Lee) 

One Minute – One Shot annual festival
Armenian Center for Contemporary and Experimental Art (ACCEA), Yerevan, Armenia (curated by Gagik Ghazareh)

This video work on virtual interpersonal communication offers a simplified social laboratory with no reference to chains, knots and web of complex meanings. In my view, the work carries some irony. The absolutely ephemeral electronic figure-shades are stereotyped into similarity and resist any kind of individualism, illustrateing the internalization of cultural- normative standards in the electronic version. In the Global Web a powerful movement for reformation and reincarnation of the Self takes place and the artist places the codes of the ignorant world (versus the virtual world) into the machine world, reducing the gender display of the real world and the multiple incarnations of the virtual world to a standardized code of youth and beauty. This essentialist decision, in fact, offers more preferable models for “happy” existence not only for the ignorant but now also for the virtual. Here any attempt to problematize the concept of sex results in the simple reduction to the “optimistic” call of mass media “back to youth, fitness, shaping and other health-boosting and age- reducing activity!”
The artist places the photo-objects and video work in spaces which are linked and yet separated from one another by a wall. The narratives in both sides of the space shout desperateness. It is as though all subjectivities (“subjects”) in the “history of sex” presented in the project get “power” instruction that belonging to one’s own gender is the real “healthy” act par excellence because there is no possibility to create other histories to help 49 people achieve a larger unity!?