Born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1971, Raffie Davtian’s artistic formation took place in Yerevan, Armenia, where he moved in 1996 to pursue his artistic education in sculpting at Yerevan Fine Arts Academy, where in 2003 he earned his Master's degree. 

Over years Raffie Davtian also developed an interest in experimental photography, which lead to the production of an extensive body of photographic work; one centered on the human body and the multitude of relations it bears with the wider social life. In broader terms, Raffie's artistic work can be characterized as an experimental dialogue across disciplines with, within, and against traditional artistic practices. 

Particularly pivotal in Raffie Davtian's artistic career was the year of 2007, which marked the beginning of his fruitful collaboration with the Yerevan-based curator and art critic Susanna Gulamiryan; one that in subsequent years materialized into a series of a host of projects inaugurated by Raffie's first gender project, 1 Human Doors

After his return to Tehran, Davtian’s work shifted its focus towards the broader bio-political paradigm, its impact on the human body, and its ramifications and discursive economy within the Iranian context. Exemplary in this respect was his political art project, the Possibility of the Angel, he presented at the 2011 Sharjah Biennial. Influenced by G. Agamben's modern definition of the homo sacer (sacred man) and the questions he asks about the relationship between the nature of law and power, Raffie engages in an artistic production which extends Agamben's question into exploring the relationship between power and religion, and the mechanisms whith which the latter serves as a point of legitimizing departure for the former. 

Raffie Davtian has a record of 4 solo shows and over 19 group exhibitions. In 2004 he became winner of the International Photography Awards in California, USA. 

In line with his artistic career, Raffie Davtian is also affiliated with various academic institutions, and among them, the Kargah Honar Art Collage, where he teaches sculpture at the institution's department of plastic arts. Raffie Davtian is also a board member at the Art and Culture Study Laboratory (ACSL), Yerevan, Armenia.