Focusing on the act of performance, this festival of visual and interdisciplinary arts which includes six sections of sculpture, sound performance, music, architecture, photography, and event art, challenge the representational approaches to art. Elevating the role of the observer, this festival tries to balance the dual relationship between the artist and the observer. In the meantime, any unexpected event is a main part of the process of the performance which can affect this relationship and even annihilate it. The question is whether this opposition can be converted into an interaction or not? In this way, the work of art would appear as a scar on the skin of the artist and the observer, because the observer finds his own trace in the artist’s privacy through seeking the meaning of the work of art which is under construction and the artist remains disappointed in grasping this trace.
“Come close to the common secret” is the title of Sogand Mirzaie’s Artwork in which audiences are invited to put their palm prints on the wall covered with bole. This performance points to the mystic eternal effort of human being for leaving an immortal trace of his own. Palm prints as the most immediate touch of mortal human being with his surroundings is so charming and exciting which its variety and widespread from caveman to the world of Hollywood stars has continued. “Come close to the common secret” is the point in which two old concerns of human, desire to immortality or constancy and its opposite action, destruction or distorting the trace for the sake of renewal, encounter each other.
In sculpture section 27 sculptors sketch simultaneously on bole from live model within 1 hour. Sketching is one of important tasks of a professional sculptor so that prompt action in performance in this technique prevents going to its details. And the result is that the work is not mimesis of objectiveness of a live but this is the human essence that is shadowy incarnated in bole and fades in accumulation of fellow creatures.
In photography section, the audiences are checked with scanner by Omid shalmani, a suspicious act that reconstructs the moments that all of us have experienced in entrance of any department. Being scanned for security aims in front of departmental, commercial buildings and airports and eye scanning in neighbor countries reminds us that the moments are stretched out within the act of checking. Photocracy is the title of Omid Shalmani’s project that regardless of its vulgar meaning, reminds us democracy which its totalitarianism is realized by means of distorting the most distinguished identity of any individual i.e. his face.
In Mohammad Pazhutan’s sound performance titled Polyphony of eavesdropping, any vocal wave produced in outer space is replayed in Gallery number 1. The audiences hear voices whose speakers don’t know anything about this eavesdropping. They are in danger of being heard nonstop. Polyphony of eavesdropping is a vocal trap which open us two way in front: to keep quiet or atone speaking.
In music section, Mehdi Behboudi will introduce two pieces of his works within two days. Title of the first piece is oval variations will be performed in Gallery number 2 in second day of festival for one hour and half and in final day for one hour. Mehdi Behboudi surveys ways of interpreting voice in its most usual method of performing. In the first step, Making fried egg regardless of the act of making it, is encountering with its enormous excesses of the act like smelling, heat production, motivating digestive
conditional reactions which are accompanied by voice in its plentiful variations from the beginning to the end. The second piece which title is Hiss will be performed in the final day.
For a contemporary citizen visiting artistic galleries is a ritual repeated at least once in a week regardless of the subject and its events. In architecture section, the team project named at the ... attempts to recognize the rules which prevail in this ritual and through ... in galleries architecture, lead the way in which this ritual takes shape. The resultant of this ... will be showed in video room for the observers.
Raffie Davtian